- Gordon was asked to have a make-over on ‘Queer Eye For The Straight Eye’ but declined the offer saying that he was happy with the way that he looked and that he already had a large gay following.

- In an edition of Heat magazine, Gordon said of ‘Ready Steady Cook’ presenter Ainsley Harriott “he’s not a serious chef, he’s a comedian”

- The celebrity chef has said that he didn't attend the births of his children because he thought it would put him off sex.

- Ramsay has banned his children from his own restaurant - the exclusive Michelin-starred restaurant at Claridge's in London, because he would rather they ate junk food than posh food. He has said that his four children are not to set foot in the restaurant until they are at least 15. "I want them to know what junk food is about. I want them to know what a pizza is like because I don't want them to grow up as food snobs."

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