James Hewitt Biography

PHOTO: James Hewitt

James Hewitt is perhaps best know as the ‘Love Rat’ who entered the media spotlight following his ‘kiss-and-tell’ revelations about his affair with Princess Diana.

Hewitt joined the Army in 1979 as an instructor of recruits at the Guard’s Training Depot. Throughout his 17-year military career, he served around the world and picked up a mention in dispatches, for his courage and outstanding leadership.

He first met Princess Diana at a party in 1986, and was to later become a personal riding instructor for both Diana and her sons. The couple’s affair reportedly began in 1987 and lasted until 1992, when the Princess stopped taking Hewitt's telephone calls.

Hewitt went on to sell his story of the affair in 1994 to a tabloid newspaper, for an estimated £1 million. The ensuing scandal led to Diana admitting the affair, and confessing her love for Hewitt, during a television interview about her marriage to Prince Charles.

"Yes, I was in love with him. But I was very let down."

Two years after Diana's death, Hewitt published his autobiography, ‘Love and War’, in which he revealed more intimate details of the affair. However, despite media rumours, he strongly denies that he is the natural father of Prince Harry.

Hewitt claims to have 64 handwritten love letters from Princess Diana, and has often talked about selling them for huge sums of money. In 2002, he was caught in a tabloid sting, when an undercover journalist recorded a secret meeting with him about a fake bid to buy the letters for £10 million.

More recently, Hewitt has allowed cameras to follow him for a documentary, and he picked up a silver medal in the reality TV show 'The Games'. A subsequent reality TV show stunt saw him beat 11 other contestants to win £94,000 for a homeless charity.

However, this brief glimpse of media popularity was to be short lived, when he was arrested on suspicion of possessing cocaine in 2004.

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