- His most famous nick-name was “Lizard King.”

- He self-published two slim volumes of poetry in 1969, called 'The Lords/ Notes on Visions' and 'The New Creatures'.

- Morrison often joked that he would fake his own suicide, to generate publicity.

- There are persistent rumours that Jim Morrison is still alive and well, and living in India or South Africa, or as a cowboy in Oregon, or above a supermarket in New Jersey!

- Several of the lyrics on Morrison’s last album, 'L.A. Woman', were recorded in the bathroom of The Doors’ offices, which apparently had excellent acoustics.

- His favourite singer was Frank Sinatra.

- Morrison loved European poetry of the 18th, 19th and 20th century, including the works of Nietzsche, Rimbaud, Baudelaire and the French playwright, Antonin Artaud.

- Morrison’s headstone has a Greek inscription that reads, “True to his own spirit.”

- A member of Pere Lachaise cemetery staff is permanently on duty beside Jim Morrison’s grave to make sure that it doesn’t get vandalized.

- Jim Morrison and his lifelong partner, Pamela Courson, both died at the age of 27.

- At the time of his death, Morrison had over twenty paternity suits pending against him.

- In 1970, he married rock critic and Science fiction author Patricia Kenealy in a Celtic Pagan hand fasting ceremony, but neither party signed the correct legal papers, so the marriage was null and void.

- In 1991, Hollywood director Oliver Stone’s movie, 'The Doors' was released, featuring actor Val Kilmer playing Jim Morrison.

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