On himself:
“Maybe I just gravitate towards gravitas.’’

“My boat, my plane, my horses - between those three I'm fine.’’

“I always look back. I always remember where I came from and I'm always amazed at where I am.’’

“I've always been a ladies' man; a momma's boy. I grew up among women and always had better relationships with them.’’

On his career:
“I always wanted to be a fireman, a cop, an Indian chief, a doctor, a lawyer. I always wanted to be all these things, so I am drawn to these kinds of characters.’’

“In my 20 years in the theatre I never got to see myself except through the reaction of the audience, so I was under the impression that I was really hot shit. But the minute you actually see yourself, the bubble is burst forever. I find it difficult to watch myself... I find it boring.’’

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