What character did Natalie Portman play in Star Wars Episode 1?

Hayley Mills made her stage debut in a 1966 West End revival of which well known fairy tale?

Elijah Wood appeared alongside fellow child actor Macaulay Culkin in which film?

Lindsay Lohan starred in the remake of which 60s film?

How did Donny Osmond become a young star?

12 year old Natalie Portman starred in which cult film about a hitman?

Which reality show did Donny Osmond win in 2005?

What was the name of Lindsay Lohan’s 2004 debut album?

Elijah Wood made his debut in which film starring Michael J Fox?

As a child Joaquin Phoenix changed his name to what?

Which 90s slasher film saw Jennifer Love Hewitt rise to fame?

Joaquin Phoenix became a household name starring along side Russell Crowe in which 2000 epic?

As a child Jennifer Love Hewitt debuted in which Disney Channel series?

Upon starring alongside her father the 1959 film Tiger Bay which huge company signed Hayley Mills?

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