So you think you're fashionable do you? Your feet are decked in the latest clogs, your nails are painted taupe and for you, the only date of the year is the release of Sex and the City 2. But can you really separate your Manolos from your Laboutins? Is your style fashion forward or fashion faux-pas? Take this quiz and test whether you can both talk the talk and walk the (cat)walk.

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Audrey Hepburn was a muse for which designer?

Supermodel Twiggy was born as?

In the song 'Spinning Around', Kylie Minogue wears hot pants in which racy colour?

At the Sex and the City movie premiere in London in 2008, Sarah Jessica Parker wore a hat designed by who?

Who was Kate Moss photographed alongside in the now iconic Calvin Klein Jeans ad campaign from 1993?

French born-American fashion designer Oleg Cassini famously dressed which First Lady?

What is the name of Sienna Miller's clothing line?

Twiggy was referred to as the face of which year?

In 2007 Kate Moss was named the second highest-paid model in the world according to Forbes. Who was named the first?

Name the head stylist on the set of Sex and the City?

Often dubbed the 'ultimate style icon,' what item of clothing famously formed a main part of 1960s It Girl Edie Sedgwick's wardrobe?

As many fashionistas know too well, sometimes your best accessory is your boyfriend. Who did Kylie Minogue date on and off for years from 2003?

When Carrie Bradshaw get jilted at the aisle in the first Sex and the City movie, her extravagent wedding gown is designed by who?

In 2007 Kate Moss attended the Golden Age of Couture Gala wearing a vintage Christian Dior dress, which ripped at the shoulder and hem. Kate turned it into a mini-dress and later sold it at a charity auction for approximately how much?

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