TV Graduates Quiz

How much do you know about the stars who aren't just pretty faces?

Sacha Baron Cohen attended which British university?

Sacha Baron Cohen's famous character Ali G appeared in which Madonna music video?

Leonardo DiCaprio was born in which US city?

Leonardo DiCaprio starred in the 1996 adaption of Romeo and Juliet. Who directed it?

Bruce Willis acted alongside who in major hit TV show Moonlight (1985-1989)?

Bruce Willis guest starred in TV show Friends as which of the female leads' boyfriend?

Robin Williams won an Oscar for his role in which movie?

In which country did Robin Williams once tell a reporter that he was born?

What was the first name of Rowan Atkinson’s character in Blackadder?

Rowan Atkinson has a passion for...?

Who bet George Clooney $10,000 that he would be married by the time he was 40?

George Clooney played Dr Doug Ross in ER. What was his specialty?

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