Circus elephant Anne moves to Longleat

Anne the elephant

Britain's oldest circus elephant Anne is to packing up her trunk and moving to Longleat safari park.

Pictures of the animal being violently abused while working as a circus performer sparked national outrage and a campaign from the Sun newspaper.

Circus owner Bobby Roberts said the member of staff who attacked the 59-year-old elephant has now been sacked.

"We were as horrified as everyone else when we found out that a keeper had been beating Anne," he told the newspaper.

"We trusted him to look after her and he abused that trust when we were away. It's the most awful thing we've ever had to deal with."

Mr Roberts thanked the publication for helping to arrange Anne's move, adding that Longleat is the perfect place for the creature to retire.

Located in Wiltshire, Longleat Safari Park spans 80 acres and it is thought the elephant may be rehomed alongside the park's rhinos.


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