£100 junk shop painting 'could be £40m Cezanne'

Painting bought for £100

A painting bought in a second-hand store for £100 could be a masterpiece worth millions.

The item, purchased by a man from Nottinghamshire who does not wish to be named, contains a signature in the corner which appears to be that of the French artist, the Daily Mail reports.

"I bought a book on post-impressionism and checked the signature and it looks exactly the same as on some of his other paintings," he said.

"The canvas was curled up tightly at the edges so I carefully unravelled it to see the markings. I realised I could be looking at the first-ever Cezanne painting. To say I'm excited would be an understatement. I just bought it for the frame."

Tim Conrad, owner of auction house Wilfords of Wellinborough, said the strokes are reminiscent of Cezanne's early work and estimated that the painting could be worth as much as £40 million if it is authenticated.





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