Dom Joly scripts new movie

Dom Joly

British comedian Dom Joly has completed the script for his new movie War of the Flea.

Speaking to Digital Spy, the star said he wants the movie to be the "Ben Hur of hidden camera films".

Joly, who featured in the last series of I'm a Celebrity, said the film is about "taking the best bits of flashmobs and doing things with them that isn't a big dance".

"We've got huge crowd scenes in some of our jokes and, rather than paying bored extras, the idea is that people who like our comedy can not only watch it, you can be in it. I think it's quite empowering," he told the website.

The Trigger Happy TV creator described the film as a "big, stupid, fun movie".

"The point of it is that there's no point. There is no narrative arc and we've had to fight for that," he added.

Joly's Welcome to Wherever I Am tour opens on April 15th in London.


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