Jermaine Jackson to write memoir on Michael

Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine Jackson has announced plans to pen a book on his brother Michael.

Entitled You Are Not Alone, Michael: Through A Brother's Eyes, the book will focus on the Jackson 5 and chart Michael's meteoric rise to fame.

"We don't want Michael's life - or death - to be an eternal mystery. This is the truth as we know it," he said.

"I have read so much about what people think they know about Michael, but this is about what really happened. I hope to make sense of the occasions when the outside world struggled to understand my brother's world."

Jermaine said he hopes that by sharing his memories of Michael, his fans will be able to see the late entertainer in a new light.

"Everyone has said it all about Michael and us. They cannot say anything more. Now it is our turn. We cannot bring our brother back but we can ensure his legacy is never forgotten in a book that commemorates his life - and says the things he never got the chance to say," he commented.

Jackson added that those who have not been so kind about Michael in the past may find room for more compassion after reading the book.




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