McConaughey 'excited by Lincoln Lawyer'

Matthew McConaughey

Actor Matthew McConaughey has spoken of his excitement at starring in his latest movie The Lincoln Lawyer.

In an interview with Contactmusic, the 41-year-old revealed that he had "butterflies" every day on set.

"The role came around to me. But I will say I made less money than a romantic comedy. So that is a measure of saying that not many movies like this can get made," he said.

"This was something I was really excited about doing and something I didn't feel like I had done before. I was reading some other scripts and some of them were rom-coms and I just didn't feel like doing that right now. I may do them again. I just didn't feel like doing them right now."

Although he has played lawyers in the past, McConaughey said he prepared for the role by attending court sessions and spending time with a federal judge.

The Lincoln Lawyer is currently showing in UK cinemas and also stars Ryan Philippe and Wrestler actress Marisa Tomei.



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