Nesbitt 'preparing for Hobbit filming'

James Nesbitt

Actor James Nesbitt has revealed that he is currently preparing for his role in the upcoming film The Hobbit.

Speaking to Digital Spy, the star said he is training for his role as dwarf Bofur, as the part calls for a "lot of stamina".

"We're doing lots of horse riding and stunts and stuff. We're basically playing. It's a very good way to earn a living, it's great. They're working us hard I have to say. But they're very down to earth. It has such a feeling of being a little company, it just happens to be a little company of thousands of people! But everyone is enjoying it. Every day's a little treat," Nesbitt told the news provider.

The actor revealed that he was not a fan of fantasy films prior to being cast in The Hobbit.

"But obviously coming out to do this now I've immersed myself in it a bit," he added.

The first of the Hobbit movies is due for release in December, with a second instalment coming in December 2012.



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