Prince William has 'secret' stag do

Prince William

Prince William celebrated the end of his bachelor days over the weekend with a stag party organised by his brother Prince Harry.

The groom-to-be had initially planned to enjoy a weekend of watersports with friends in Devon. However, plans were dropped following leaks to the media, the Daily Mail reports.

A source at St. James's Palace told the newspaper: "I can confirm that Prince William's stag party happened this weekend. It was an entirely private event and we don't intend to make any further comment."

The event is thought to have been attended by around 20 close friends, including Prince Charles' godson Hugh Van Custem.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are due to tie the knot on April 29th.

It was revealed this week that the couple will have two cakes at their wedding - a traditional tiered fruit cake and another made from chocolate biscuits, which Prince William is said to have enjoyed as a child.

The biscuit cake will be produced by McVite's using a recipe provided by the palace.



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