Radcliffe: Promoting Harry Potter will be weird

Daniel Radcliffe

Actor Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that it will be strange for him to leave Broadway and carry out the promotional tour for the final Harry Potter instalment.

Speaking to MTV News, the star said: "In a way, it will probably be weird to suddenly have to switch out of the mode I'm in for this show and then go and do press."

However, he added that the transition should go well because he is "very versatile".

"I think any actor that does a big film or even a show like this now without the expectation that they will have to do press for it is very naive. It's part of the job. It's as much a part of the job almost as anything else," Radcliffe added.

The New York Post reported earlier this month that Harry Potter filmmakers Warner bros are furious at having to buy out five nights of Radcliffe's Broadway show in order to release the actor to appear at the film's premier in London.


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