Shrek 'helping Amanda Holden smile again'

Amanda Holden

Actress Amanda Holden has revealed how rehearsing for her role in Shrek The Musical has been helping her to smile again following the tragic loss of her baby earlier this year.

Speaking to journalist Baz Bamigboye of the Daily Mail, the down-to-earth star said she has been practicing passing wind for the part of ogre Princess Fiona.

"I fart whenever I'm asked, and I'm a good farter, being a vegetarian. Like every good ogre, I eat lots of greens. It's a natural function. I've always said that," she revealed.

Holden said she has not been worrying about her figure for the role and does not have a special diet.

"When you're working you just need to eat, don't you? I love my food. I can't train that hard and not allow myself food," the actress commented.

The 40-year-old Britain's Got Talent judge said her daughter Lexi cannot wait to see her transform into the character of Princess Fiona.

"Every picture she draws at the moment is me starring as Princess Fiona. She's beyond excited. She'll have a corner of my dressing room and, if allowed, she'll be in the wings. She's the perfect audience - and my biggest critic," she added.

The show opens at the Royal Drury Theatre on May 6th.


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